[Review] Lovense Domi: Read This Before You Buy This Mini Wand Vibe

[Review] Lovense Domi: Read This Before You Buy This Mini Wand Vibe

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The NEW Lovense Domi 2 is now AVAILABLE! Here’s our review of the new version.

When going for a sex toy, you need one that will directly hit your spot.

With the variety of toys on the market, it might seem challenging to find just the right one.

But one fact is correct. You can never go wrong with products from Lovense.

Lovense products have a secret touch that always appeals to their customers.

Wand vibrators, especially mini wand vibrators, are not still a preferred choice but the Lovense Domi Mini-Wand vibrator is worth a try.

This mini wand vibrator is a toy that will do more than offer you intense orgasms. It will satisfy your deepest desires. Here are some reasons why you should try it out.

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[Review] Lovense Domi: Read This Before You Buy This Mini Wand Vibe

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The Lovense Domi Mini-Wand Vibrator Review

The Lovense Domi is a small, super powerful, wireless and rechargeable mini wand vibrator that could be regarded as an upgraded version of the all-time famous Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Hitachi Magic wand is a classic, but after some touches, you get the unique Lovense Domi Mini Vibrator which is worth all the perks.

Some premium features putting this sex toy above some of its fiercest competitors include:

  • A firm metal body with a cover that is 100% silicone. Its metal body is encased in 100% soft silicone material that is both hygienic, healthy and gentle on your skin. This feature facilitates a sensual, sexual feeling whenever you are using it.
  • It has a flexible but powerful stimulating head. The Domi mini wand vibrator has a bulbous, oval-shaped stimulation head which is adjustable in all directions. The soft silicone is very gentle on the skin, and its reinforced neck doubles up to make it firm on the muscles but soothing at the same time. With these features, you can apply pressure to any direction, and it will adjust to the force.
  • It uses cutting-edge dual rotation technology. The Lovense Domi stimulation head has a uniquely designed motor that uses a dual-rotation technique. Periodic motor vibrations on the inside facilitate vibration patterns on the outside, this makes it one of the most powerful vibrators on the market despite its small size.
  • It has a variety of control and connectivity options. Apart from the simple and user-friendly control buttons on the device surface, it has two other intuitive control options. These are:
  • Long range Bluetooth control. You or your partner can use Bluetooth control to adjust and set vibration settings via Bluetooth over long distances and even across the room, this can be a very great turn-on as your partner sits back to watch.
  • Smartphone app support and control options. The Lovense Domi is a product built for the new century. Its fantastic app control capability allows you to set vibration levels and patterns using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Better yet, you can let your spouse do it for you as you communicate from rooms apart or miles away from the country.
  • It has a variety of adjustments options. The Domi mini wand by Lovense comes with an unlimited number of patterns and vibration levels. With the easy to use control buttons, you can set you vibrations from light to very strong with periodically changing patterns according to what you like. Inevitably, you will settle at a point that will keep you at your climax.
  • It is fully customizable with a custom vibration play mode. You can use the Lovense Domi app to synchronize the vibrator’s patterns and vibrations to your favorite music. With this, you can reach your climax in an exciting new way. This device also incorporates sound activated waves and patterns which keep it in touch with your reactions. You can even take it outside and experience climax in the real world. These together with the unlimited patterns and vibration levels will always get you going.
  • It emits Responsive Feedback lights. The Lovense Domi wand has feedback lights around its center which flicker when you are using it. These lights can be exciting for a long-distance partner.

[Review] Lovense Domi: Read This Before You Buy This Mini Wand Vibe

What’s in the box?

Your package should contain:

  • The Lovense Domi Bluetooth Mini Wand.
  • A user-guide.
  • A charging-cable.

How does this device work?

The Domi mini wand vibrator is cordless and rechargeable.

When fully charged, it can last up to one and a half straight hours. Its portability makes it extremely easy to use.

All you have to do is turn it on, set it to your preferred vibration level and pattern then enjoy the ride.

At full power, it can get the job done in minutes or even seconds.

What will you get from the Lovense Domi?

The general feeling of the Lovense Domi boils down to what gets you going. This vibrator promises deep vibrations that are as intense as they come.

No matter what pattern you prefer, its soothing and soft stimulating head will be gentle on your genitals.

Despite its small size, its powerful stimulation is sensual. The Lovense Domi is what you need if you are looking for multiple orgasms.

With a little motivation, you will climax stunningly and uniquely. It is like a magic wand that will help you release all your pressure.

[Review] Lovense Domi: Read This Before You Buy This Mini Wand Vibe

Pros of the Domi

  • This vibrator has a range of adjustable vibration levels and patterns.
  • It is firm and sturdy but flexible and well-built which makes it a classic.
  • It has multiple control and connectivity options.
  • It is water resistant. You can use it as you take a shower.
  • It has a long battery life after a full charge.

Cons of the Domi

  • Mini wand vibrators can sometimes be awkward to operate, especially if the wand also vibrates.
  • The flickering lights on the Lovense Domi can be mildly annoying at times, but you can switch them off using the app.

[Review] Lovense Domi: Read This Before You Buy This Mini Wand Vibe

Verdict: Who is this device for and why?

The Lovense Domi vibrator is a toy for anyone who is thrilled by intimate solo experiences.

From its exterior design to its exclusive features, The Domi vibrator is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Every individual has unique preferences.

What works for some people might be a total disaster for others, this is one of the reasons why the Lovense Domi Bluetooth Mini Wand Vibrator is an excellent pick if what you are looking for is variety.

The Domi mini wand vibrator will always make it work.



– Emily

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