Sei nicht schmutzig! Schlechte sexuelle Hygienepraktiken

Sei nicht schmutzig! Schlechte sexuelle Hygienepraktiken

Sei nicht schmutzig! Schlechte sexuelle Hygienepraktiken

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Here are some bad sexual hygiene practices – some that should be corrected immediately and others that are painfully obvious and make you wonder “who does this?!”


NOT PEEING AFTER SEX – Recent studies might be suggesting this is unnecessary, but there are still plenty of people who swear by this. The idea is to urinate after sex to help clear out any possible bacteria that might have built up during intercourse. My opinion? It doesn’t hurt, so why not take the extra step.


WIPING BACK TO FRONT – Granted, this might not be directly related to sex. However, if you don’t practice good genital cleanliness, it can lead to various infections (which can shut down your sex life). Always wipe from front to back so you don’t drag any feces into your vagina or urethra.


NOT CLEANING UP AFTER SEX – Lubes, body fluids, oils, chocolate sauce … edible glitter … who knows! There’s lots of stuff going into and around lots of places. Take a few minutes to clean up after sex. And not just urinating. A quick crotch rinse, or even sitting on the toilet and rinsing down using a cup of water will make a huge difference. Don’t forget to dry thoroughly.


NOT CLEANING YOUR SEX TOYS – Always, always, ALWAYS wash your sex toys before AND after each use. Use warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. Don’t forget the scheduled disinfecting, deep cleans, and inspections (especially for anal toys).


SHEET STANK – Sweat and body fluid. Yeah … clean your bed sheets as often as you can. You don’t want to be sleeping in a petri dish.


NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS – It’s recommended even to keep colds and the flu away, so why don’t people think about this for sex. You’re going to be running your hands (and mouth) all over the place. Make sure you wash your hands before!


ANAL THEN VAGINAL – No. Just no! If you’re going to play with many holes, always use a different condom for each one. It’s also an extra good (and safe) practice to leave anal play to last.


NOT WEARING A CONDOM – By now, this one should be a no-brainer. No one wants an STI. Also, check if your partner has a latex allergy (and use non-latex condoms) as well as changing out for a new one after ejaculation.


NOT GETTING CHECKED – Another obvious one, but it will always be said/included. Even if you have a regular sex partner, STI checks are always a good idea.


FORGETTING THE FINGERNAILS – We talked about washing our hands. But what about the fingernails? Long and/or unfiled nails can scratch and tear delicate tissue, and dirty digits are pretty much just infectious bacteria sticks. Not clean? No sticky the fingy.


USING PERFUME STUFF – It’s a bit out in leftfield, but it’s a good idea to avoid scented vaginal “perfumes/sprays” because they will (more often than not) just cause irritation. Normal vaginal cleaning is more than enough.


DOUCHING WITH CHEMICALS – Past generations brought us the “Listerine” douche. Ow-ee! It’s bad enough that pharmacy or medical douches will still be screwing with your insides, but harsher (and unintended products) are a sure-fire path to closing down your nether-regions.


HAVING A DIRTY MOUTH – No, no. Not dirty talk – that’s the fun kind. I mean not brushing your teeth or just having bad oral hygiene. Haven’t brushed for 3 days? Don’t expect someone to want you to even kiss you – let alone oral sex.


Any more bad sexual hygiene experiences you want to share? Leave a comment, and let’s cringe together!


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Have a squeaky-clean day!


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Sei nicht schmutzig! Schlechte sexuelle Hygienepraktiken

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