Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

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Long distance sex toys… Really?!

Sex is not what it used to be. You have virtual reality porn, futuristic sex toys, and professionally molded vagina replicas. It can be hard to find the right sex toy, not because of a lack of options, but because there are too many options to pick from.

The multitude of interactive products available is growing by the day as technology continues to improve.

The modern world ironically prefers to get off with tomorrow’s technology. And thanks to the Internet, with all the dating apps and social networks to navigate, the sex game has forever been altered.

One-night stands and long distance relationships are more relevant in modern society than ever. LDR lovers no longer have to be deprived of intimacy thanks to interactive long distance sex toys.


Interactive long distance sex toy activity involves numerous accessories and products that collaborate without being in close proximity to each other.

Thanks to smart devices, Bluetooth compatibility, and virtual reality equipment, such interactive devices perform miracles for males and females alike.

Many of the high-end products come with patented materials that feel realistic, along with personalized vibratory and speed controls.

Be mindful that not every interactive long distance sex toy is the same. The industry is very competitive. As such, these products run and look the same courtesy of industry-leading technology and medical-grade materials.

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The Best Toys for Long Distance Couples?

Since long distance relationships are quite difficult and increasingly common, companies perceive this phenomenon as a new financial opportunity and multiply products for these “atypical” couples.

Great for us!

Since there are so many obstacles for couples related to being apart, it is more than appreciated to be able to use technology to bring closer the souls and even sometimes… the bodies.

Indeed, the trend nowadays in the sex toy industry is to offer long distance sex toys, also called “teledildonics”, ones that can be controlled remotely using Wifi and Bluetooth.

These unusual objects answer a key question that we all ask when facing the distance: How to actually make love in a LDR? How to have long distance sex? By enabling real-time communication and interaction between these adult-only devices, separation doesn’t matter anymore.

So it becomes much easier to keep the flame burning in one’s couple when you can have real sexual intimacy, which goes much further than just sexting or Skyping. You can now touch each other!

Whether you do it by yourself, with your lover, with a stranger, in a LDR or on the same bed, these sex toys will change the way you have fun in your relationship and will spice up for good your sex life.

If you are interested, then I have selected for you the top five best long distance sex toys for couples in LDR! Enjoy 🙂

1. Max 2 and Nora by Lovense (5/5): The Ultimate Couple Set

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

In my opinion, Lovense is one of the best companies dedicated to long distance sex, if not the best.

After several years of research and prototypes, the company has released Max (for him) and Nora (for her), two complementary and remotely controlled sex toys which work via the computer or smartphone application called “Lovense Remote”.

Indeed, you only need to be connected to the Internet with your iOS, Android, PC or Mac devices, which are themselves connected to the long distance sex toys by Bluetooth in order to allow you to feel the movements of your lover in real time!

The amazing thing about these adult toys is that they have two-way interactivity and a very quick response time which make the session really natural and smooth.

If the man decides for example to go faster with his Max, then her Nora will also go faster and vice versa.

Result: if you close your eyes, you will feel as if you were physically in the same room. Awesome, isnt it?

You can’t connect together as often as you’d like? The moves of each session and audio can be recorded and played back anytime you want private fun. A great feature for couples in different time zones!

The application also allows you to fully control your toy or your partner’s toy via your smartphone and add the video chat to the movements during your sessions. Everything we could ask for.

Skype sex will never be the same again! 

💸 Price: Check prices and availability by clicking here

💯 Score: 5/5 (click here to read the full review)

For more information about Max 2 and Nora or to start your order, go to the official Lovense website by clicking here!



2. Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 (5/5): The High End Couple Set

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber Kiiroo is another great option for your couple sex toy set. And that is for a good reason.

The Amsterdam-based company stands out for its high-end positioning and the fineness of its teledildonic products, Onyx 2 (male masturbator) and Pearl 2 (vibrator).

In the same way as with Lovense’s products, Kiiroo long distance sex toys are connected to an application by Bluetooth (FeelConnect) so that they can interact with each other in order to mimic intercourse in real time.

The Kiiroo Couple Set 2 is designed to ease the distance and close the gap between lovers as the devices exchange the touch and movement despite the distance. Even if he or she is away, you can feel your lover intimate touch.

The biggest feature difference with the Lovense ones is that these are touch-responsive.

When the Pearl 2 is inserted, the touch sensors signal the movements to the Onyx 2, emulating sex in real time by stroking faster and tighter. On the other hand, with a swipe on the touchpad of the Onyx 2, the man can also control her vibrations.

You will thus feel you are able to interact intimately and for real with your partner.

If you’re looking for a high-end alternative to the Lovense Max and Nora set, the Onyx 2 and the Pearl 2 might be the perfect fit for you!

💸 Price: Check prices and availability for the Onyx 2 + Pearl 2 Couple set by clicking here and take advantage of your special discount code “Fun10” to get -10% off!

💯 Score: 5/5 (click here to read the full review)

For more information about Onyx 2 and Pearl 2, read my full review here.


And get -10% OFF by using the promo code “Fun10” 😉


3. Lush 2 by Lovense (5/5): The Ultimate Toy for Remote Play

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

In addition to offering Nora and Max, Lovense also successfully launched its Lush through a colossal crowdfunding campaign (more than 100,000$ collected).

The Lush is a powerful Bluetooth vibrator that can be remotely controlled either by you or by your partner through the Lovense Remote app for iOS or Android, even if you are oceans apart. You just need an Internet connection!

What makes the Lush 2 so special is its smart and original design. Made to be wearable, wireless and comfortable, its curve will hit your G-spot and stimulate the entire area with powerful vibrations.

Also, the Lush 2 can be synchronized with your music, sound-activated or used with an unlimited number of patterns. So the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Extremely small, powerful and silent, Lush goes much further than OhMiBod or Vibease toys for being efficient and discreet in all situations. Hence, it is the perfect companion for ALL ladies!

💸 Price: Check price and availability by clicking here

💯 Score: 5/5 (click here to read the full review)

For more information about the Lovense Lush 2, visit the official website.



4. Vibease (4/5): A Woman’s Best Friend

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

As another must-have for all women, the Vibease is a long distance vibrator that connects to iOS and Android smartphones by Bluetooth.

Discreet, this little vibrating egg sex toy will know how to satisfy her under his control, at any distance, and in any situation, as long as you have WiFi or 3/4/5G and the Vibease app installed.

By yourself? You can also play alone, by the rhythm of your favorite song or enjoy a lovely erotic audiobook…

The great thing about the Vibease is that it is an amazing hands-free vibrator, no matter if you’re sexting with your partner, playing frisky outside and enjoying erotic audiobooks.

The Vibease app even includes voice and video calls so that you can feel your lover closer than ever.

Comfortably wear the vibrator in your undergarments and you’re good to go! Say goodbye to numb fingers, as it will remain steady in place while resting on your sweet spot.

💸 Price: Check prices and availability by clicking here (up to -25% off for our readers)

💯 Score: 4/5 (click here to read the full review)

For more information about the Vibease, click here.



5. Hush by Lovense (5/5): The Smartest Butt Plug

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Using the Lush success formula, Lovense also released a butt plug that can be used remotely and that is compatible with the rest of its catalog. This amazing new toy is named Hush.

The result is as successful as the other products from Lovense with a lot of high-tech features, amazing build quality, very powerful vibrations and the ability to use it in many ways (foreplay, public play, LDR and more).

It is important to mention that the Hush is available either in 38 mm (1.5 inches) or 44.5 mm (1.75 inches) diameter in order to suit everybody. If you’re a beginner in anal play, I strongly recommend getting the smaller version of the two.

Except that, this plug is made of 100% silicone, just like the other toys in this list, which means that it is totally latex-free, rubber-free, phthalates-free and safe.

You will also appreciate the fact that it has been designed to be as comfortable as possible. For example, its neck was carefully crafted and tested to ensure it stays put during all the use.

Once you’re done, the spirals on the neck that trap lube make it easy to take it off.

💸 Price: Check prices by clicking here

💯 Score: 5/5 (click here to read the full review)

For more information about the Lovense Hush anal vibrator, click here.



Bonus: 3 Extra Long Distance Sex Toys You Should Not Miss!

As you know, I’ve had my share of headaches with the contemporary sex toy industry, to the point where everything I use is under tough scrutiny. I am very meticulous about my assessments.

Not too long ago, I tried to find the new best interactive long distance sex toys on the planet to update this article. With an abundance of choices out there, evaluating all of them was not easy.

Nonetheless, the best current remote-control toys for in the industry were thoroughly researched, and although the study didn’t encompass all the sex toys in the world, it does shine a light on 3 high-quality picks you should consider.

6. OhMiBod Fuse + Fleshlight Launch: The High-Tech Couple Set

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

We’ve all heard of the Fleshlight, aka the handheld masturbating toy that resembles a flashlight. Their Launch product is now a beloved item. It is compatible with (almost) every product in their inventory and can also connect to the Ohmibod Fuse.

It is costly, but this beautifully designed sex toy comes with plenty of features and accessories that justify the price.

For its size, the Fleshlight Launch is portable and lightweight, but no carrying case is included. The primary operating system can be used with another person or on your own.

If your partner is female, I strongly recommend the Fuse (from Kiiroo and OhMiBod) that is currently the best remote-control G-spot vibrator.





7. SayberX and the Ring that Ruled the World (Not Longer Available)

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Originating from a GoFundMe start-up campaign, the SayberX is what self-pleasure is all about. The product’s compatible X Ring combined with the Sayber makes a couple of items that the biggest companies in the industry will have to contend with at some point.

Similar to the Kiiroo and Fleshlight models, the SayberX comes with plenty of personalized settings, an amazing sleeve texture, and is made of smooth material. No matter where you are, the ring and toy can work together. There aren’t a lot of system updates required.

The ring is an affordable and optional accessory, and the entire package is more compact, durable, and attractive than other sex toys of its kind.

❌ Sadly, the SayberX is no longer available. We advise you to take a look at its best alternative, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 by clicking here.

8. WeVibe Sync: The Most Versatile Couple Toy

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber This small item doesn’t do as much as the other toys listed here. It comes with a primary device and a compatible, removable cock ring. The WeVibe Sync runs strong with its robust motor, along with separate vibration and speed controls.

This long distance vibrator is as basic as it gets. Although it is substantially cheaper than the majority of Bluetooth compatible toys, its limits on distance are frustrating.

It is made with standard medical-grade silicone material, with no extra versatility or texture. It is high-powered, very durable, and delivers bang for your buck.


Tip: Use the coupon code “LDF20” at checkout to get -20% off any product your order!


Why Use Couples Should Use Long Distance Sex Toys

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Have you ever heard of the first sex toys? They are believed to have existed at least 28,000 years ago. Archaeologists could not figure out whether they were dildos or just-tool making instruments.

Anyway, sex toys have evolved dramatically since then.

Manufacturers now design special sex toys for couples, who have their reasons to be apart for some time, but still want to generate physical pleasure to each other.

There are a lot of myths around sex toys. One of the most ridiculous ones is that sex toys are unnatural and unhealthy. But that is not true at all.

Sex is the most natural thing, and everything that promotes sex and pleasure is considered natural and healthy! In fact, women, who have tried using sex toys report increased levels of sexual desire, frequent orgasms, and great sexual satisfaction, while having virtual sex with their partners.

High quality long distance sex toys normally include Bluetooth, mobile apps, Sync-to-Music and other contemporary technologies.

They are designed to establish a special connection between the partners, who decide to use them, while being apart and mix things up.

As you’ve seen above, sex toys come in such a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can easily find the ones that best suit your needs and preferences. They can actually have great benefits for long distance relationships.You can control your partner’s toy via Bluetooth and have unforgettable sexual experiences.

These long distance toys are wireless, wearable (for some of them) and comfortable and you can use them anytime anywhere.

Thanks to the long distance control you can make your partner moan even if you are not together physically.

If you are willing to broaden your sexual horizons, you should probably trust well-known brands like Kiiroo or Lovense as they are considered the best on the market right now.

Nowadays, thousands of people are engaged in long-distance relationships, because lots of people have to travel on business in the modern world or study abroad.

In this case, it is nice to have a high quality long distance sex toy, which can aid you to keep the burning fire until you get home or meet your partner somewhere in person. Luckily, long distance sex toys allow couples to have exciting virtual sex. The toys can nourish the sexual bond between you and your partner which is essential to survival of your LDR.

Hence, couples-friendly long distance sex toys are one of the most important tools you could ever use. They will make you feel closer to your lover when you are far away and miss each other.

The toys can connect you on an emotional level even if a penetration has not taken place.

When you first start using sex toys you are kind of forced to openly communicate about your sexual desires and try to experience new sensations. Creating and fulfilling sexual fantasies is easier now thanks to long distance sex toys.

When you share an orgasm with someone, a physical attachment is naturally created. But you can feel an emotional bond as well. Couples’ sex toys can help them support these physical and emotional bonds when they are unable to express themselves through words.

One of the most important benefits of sex toys is that they are really easy to use regardless of people’s physical abilities. They can actively engage those, who suffer from mobility problems.

Adult toys are intuitive, innovative and equipped with some of the highest technologies known to the mankind.

Another great benefit of these kinds of toys is that they promote safe sexual exploration. The toys are a thoroughly safe and effective way to explore yours and your partner’s sexual desires and boundaries.

It does not matter whether you are engaged in an exciting in-person affair or in a long distance relationship, modern sex toys normally promote wide experimentation and exploration.

In fact, long distance sex toys are so much fun to use. They allow partners to be creative and imaginative when they have their sexual encounters from a distance and provide satisfying orgasms at the same time.

When Long Distance Lovers Should AVOID Using Sex Toys

Sometimes people can feel like the orgasm from a sex toy is better and more intense than the actual physical touch by another human being. That is why they often become addicted to their sex toys.

When you are in a long-distance relationship you might easily forget what it is really like being touched by your partner and start feeling awkward when you two eventually meet.

You just start using sex toys in order to intensify your experience with your partner, who is away on business, but it can be daunting, because your partner might feel replaced in the end. There are those times when long distance sex toys can cause disagreements in the couples and seriously affect their self-esteem.

You have to remember, sex toys are used as a complement and they have to give pleasure to both of you. If your partner finds out you have been secretly using the toys without telling them, it can make them jealous or offended.

Another disadvantage you have to consider is that in many cases the noise from the toys is distracting and it can make you feel uncomfortable if you live with your parents or with roommates.

But this is not the biggest problem. You have to pay more attention to your toys and carefully check what they are made of, because some companies create sex toys using materials that contain toxins. They are totally unhealthy and even harmful for your health and overall well-being.

You should only buy sex toys from authoritative and well-respected sources, and keep in mind there are many scams on the internet. If your skin is too sensitive, toys can cause different problems or vaginal infections.

In case that happens, you should stop using the particular toy, go see a doctor if it is necessary, and find toys made from other materials. Unsafe materials can cause dangerous allergies, rashes and other health problems.

Luckily, all the products mentioned in this article are 100% safe!

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber So… Are LDR Sex Toys Right For YOU?

Are you studying abroad or constantly travelling on business? It does not really matter. Adult long distance toys are designed for anybody, who is away from their partner, and is willing to give them a try.

There are people, who have fast-paced routines and a large number of responsibilities. They have to travel almost every day, and they just can’t pay enough attention to their partner.

If your case is similar, you may consider the Lovense Lush 2. This toy is perfect to use when you are on the go and crave some naughty time. It is a gentle wearable massager, which allows you to engage with your partner from across the world.

There is nothing wrong to have some fun with your long distance toy and your partner, while you are sitting in the hotel room in the evening and taking a break from your work presentation.

Many students have to study abroad, because their parents make them do it, and they feel lonely and sad about being separated with their partner. Fortunately, the contemporary technologies allow them to keep their connection and feel amazing sexual pleasure.

The 4 Most Common Features Of The Top Long Distance Sex Toys

Wireless remote control

Most long distance sex toys are controlled by a wireless remote, which can be interesting and exciting. Imagine how cool it would be when your partner is using a remote and controlling your toy from a distance.

According to many people, Lovense Lush is the best Bluetooth remote control vibrator ever. It is guaranteed this powerful toy is going to spice up your long distance relationship. Furthermore, The Lush Bullet vibrator gives you the opportunity to customize the vibration levels.

A wide range of vibration levels

The contemporary long distance sex toys offer you the opportunity to control the vibration levels. Vibrators like Lovense Lush can be easily customized to a wide range of levels.

When you use such toys, you will be allowed to choose a power level that is going to match your body’s needs. Your partner can control the levels from a distance, and watch you experience ultra high vibrations.

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Mobile App control

Today, long distance sex toys can be controlled from your phone. Most manufacturers create a special mobile app, which makes the usage of the toys even more pleasant and easy, like the Lovense Remote or Kiiroo’s FeelConnect.

You just need to download it from the iOS or Android app store and get started in a short time. Imagine how cool it will be to use your phone and generate sexual pleasure to your partner.

Water resistance

Most manufacturers tend to create waterproof long distance sex toys. If you are looking for diversity, you can take the fun to your bathroom. You can wear your Lovense Lush in the shower without any worries. However, you should be cautious, because Bluetooth connectivity under water might not be that stable.

Bonus Features To Look For in LDR toys

When it comes to sex toys, there are certain bonus features you might look for. Did you know there are vibrators that can stimulate you both internally and externally? It is a great choice for couples, who are in a long-distance relationship, because it will be awesome having your partner control your vibrator via Bluetooth and stimulating you in different ways.

If you decide to get a two-pronged vibrator, you should look for a longer end that can be inserted vaginally and guarantees internal stimulation.

Another great bonus feature you may try to find is a shorter vibrator end. It is normally designed to stimulate the clitoris externally. These kinds of vibrators usually have the ability to be used simultaneously in both ends.

In case you are looking for a clitoris stimulator, you should definitely use Lovense Nora, which is an original and unique Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator. The toy has an innovative design and a rotating head, that can stimulate your G-spot instantly.

As mentioned, sometimes sex toys can make big noise. So, if you do not want your neighbours to hear you, you should try to find quiet enough sex toys. They design special adult toys at present that can offer you ultra quiet vibrations. But if you want to add some music to your sessions, there are many toys that offer music syncing. You just need to use a specialized app and play a song. Then your toy will start vibrating with the beats.

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Finding The Best Long Distance Adult Toys: 3 Things To Look For

Before you approach to ordering your first long distance sex toys, you have to consider some things. It is important to choose the most appropriate toys for you, if you want to have a healthy long-distance relationship and keep the good communication with your partner.

Safe materials

Always remember it is very essential to choose the best sex toys materials. Probably, the materials should be your main criteria when you are shopping for sex toys, because they touch sensitive parts of your body and they can easily cause an allergic reaction.

After all, your health always comes first. You might be looking for pleasure, but you have to be more serious about yours and your partner’s health. Even if they are more expensive, do not hesitate to invest in long distance sex toys. Once you start having great virtual sex, you will see it was thoroughly worth it.


Sometimes, sex toys come in strange shapes and sizes. Moreover, there are people, who actually feel embarrassed and awkward when they see a toy like that. Well, women should stop feeling odd, because they do not have to necessarily choose a toy that looks like a penis.

If that is bothering them, they might pick another one that looks more discreet. Smaller toys might look unreliable, but some of them have the ability to generate intense sensations.

Speed and Strength

Another important criteria you must keep in mind when ordering sex toys is the speed. When it comes to vibrations people have different preferences. Some prefer low vibrations, others enjoy wild games and ultra fast and high vibrations.

Again, it depends on yours and your partner’s needs. With sex toys like Lovense Lush, you can enjoy around 10 different vibration levels.

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Long Distance Sex Toys: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the right type for me?

Presumably, many of you will wonder what types of long distance sex toys to get. The big variety makes your choice even more difficult. You should figure out what you really want from your toy. Of course, your main goal is to achieve an orgasm, but there are other things you need to consider.

Do you like high vibrations or medium ones? Do you need a bigger toy or a small bullet? You should carefully discuss these questions with your partner, and decide together which toy will be most suitable for you.

2. Are big toys better?

Some people think the bigger the better. But that is not the actual case here. They now create small toys for external use, but they can make you literally go crazy.

These toys might seem small, but they can encourage you to feel extremely strong orgasms and great satisfaction. You do not need a large dildo, when you can enjoy a small bullet even more.

3. How can I clean the toys?

There is no need to say you should clean your sex toys after each use. It is pretty easy for bacteria to interfere with yours and your partner’s health. Luckily, there are special sex toy cleaners at present.

However, if you haven’t bought a toy cleaner, you can wash your toys with warm water and gentle soap. Be cautious when you clean around the buttons. Or if you do not want any worries, you should think of buying waterproof sex toys.

4. How can I store my toys?

According to manufacturers, you should store your sex toys in a darker and cooler place. In this way, you can avoid discoloration. But you have to remember, if you have a whole collection of sex toys, you should store them separately.

It’s because some materials can cause a chemical reaction, when they are close to each other. Having diverse sex toys is not shameful, so you do not need to hide them all the time. You can get a simple storage bag and put them somewhere near your bed.

5. What are the different materials?

Silicone is among the most popular sex toys material. It is actually considered a high quality material, and many people prefer to use water-based lubricants in addition to silicone toys.

It is commonly believed glass is a super strong and resistant material. So, if you are a fan of intense sensations and advanced games, this might be the perfect choice for you.

ABS Plastic is another popular material, but it is mostly found in bullet vibrators.

You might have heard about jelly, but it is often used for cheap toys. You should be extremely careful if you buy jelly made toys. They can also contain latex, and you should avoid using them, especially if you suffer from allergies frequently.

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Summary: How to Choose The Best Long Distance Sex Toys for You?

No matter how likeable or good-looking you are, if you can’t please your long distance lover, your relationship with that person is finite.

I can’t emphasize how vital it is to have a proper orgasm in a long distance relationship.

Most of the popular interactive sex toys for couples have features that can be used for masturbation purposes, too. You’ll have plenty of solo sessions or real-time play with your partner no matter where they are.

However, just doing a Google search for the greatest “long distance interactive sex toys” is not ideal.

You’ll be bombarded with choices, and likely pay more than you should. Buying from a reliable source is a better idea, but how do you know whom to buy from? Doing some research on the market prior to paying for anything is sensible.

If you wait for the right time to buy the perfect sex toy, who knows how long you’ll hold out for?

Although many popular choices are awesome, there’s an educative journey that comes with picking the right sex toy. That can be a daunting task for some.

Here are five aspects you should keep in mind when shopping for a long distance sex toy:

  1. The toy you’re interested by could be made from a substance that you’re allergic to, or it might be made with a hypoallergenic material or medical-grade silicone.
  2. The toy might warrant a lot of accessories to spice up the action. Further, things that feel good can sometimes be enhanced, so choices are important.
  3. Many of the toys of this type are reasonably and competitively priced. Don’t overpay for a product, and be mindful of getting what you pay for. Links in this article give you the lowest prices online.
  4. A toy you’re interested in should come with sufficient features that you and your lover won’t tire of quickly. If you’re going to spend a good amount of money on a sex toy without accessories, you’d better get something of value.
  5. Several toys in this category brag about an abundance of VR adult features, but their content is lacking. Others might not have as much, but their limited features are of high quality. So check that first, if you care about interactive content.

Sex toys are usually delivered in unmarked parcels. Also, products like this can be ordered on encrypted websites. Whether the sex toy is for your lover or yourself, no one will know what you’re buying online.

Top 5+ Best Long Distance Sexspielzeug (Teledildonics) für Liebhaber

Conclusion about the Best Long Distance Sex Toys

There are plenty of sex toys on the market today that are interesting. You now know about some of the greatest interactive, automatic, long distance sex toys that are Bluetooth compatible.

Did a particular product catch your attention?

Personally, I would recommend among all these Bluetooth sex toys, the ones manufactured by the teledildonic leaders that are Lovense and Kiiroo, especially if you are in a long distance relationship.

The possibility to feel your partner’s movements despite the miles is just unbeatable and priceless. This is a revolution and it is now totally affordable for all the people that care about the sexual needs of its couple.

Talk with your partner, share this article with him or her and know what he or she thinks about it! If you’re both excited about these toys, you can offer your couple a pair as a very sexy surprise!

Also, if you didn’t find the perfect product in this list, feel free to read my article about the Top 7 Best Remote-Control Vibrators for Long Distance Sex!

Or you can even check out the article written by our good friends at about their personal favorite long distance toys.

– Dr Emma Charles

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