Vinegar and Sex Myths - Be Wary of the Rumors

Vinegar and Sex Myths – Be Wary of the Rumors

Vinegar and Sex Myths - Be Wary of the Rumors

For many people, having a natural solution to life’s problems (health or otherwise) is very important. It can be especially important for sex. Either to be kinder to the body or to be able to take care of any “issues” on your own (without having to visit a doctor).


There are far too many claims out there that are pretty much snake-oil promises. One big one being the use of vinegar – specifically apple cider vinegar.

Here are some examples … and why they are not a good idea.




This is the biggest one.

There are SO many articles out there that guarantee if you drink some warm water with a splash of apple cider vinegar, that your sex drive will go through the roof. I even saw one that tried to stretch it as far as linking your friskiness with a healthy digestive system, better urinary tract function, and less/no bladder stones.

The reality?

Your sex drive can be low for MANY reasons. So many, in fact, that if it’s a problem for you, you should visit a doctor. Not the supermarket. Yes, general health is great for your libido, but fermented apple will not be a magical fix.




This is another massive pile of promises. And when it comes to penis function, some people will believe anything. But, just like your libido, ED can be caused by many issues – some of which will include complex or medical steps.

Does it hurt you?

No. This condiment will not harm you (assuming you’re using it within sane and healthy limits and usage). But it’s not going to make you pop a boner every time you take a sip; despite what anecdotal evidence and folk medicine say.




The bone I have to pick with this one is that ALL the “evidence” is just preliminary studies in rats. There is a mountain of other ways to increase testosterone.




Ugh. Why do women keep shoving things up their hoo-haws that shouldn’t be in there?!

Granted, yeast infections are THE WORST. And if you haven’t had one, there’s no way of understanding how desperately you want to make the pain and itching stop and what you’re willing to try to get this. There ARE natural solutions, but the vagina is a delicate balance of pH, moisture, and flora. The ingredients would have to be very pure and organic. And any irritation will just make things worse.

Even then, there are better products (and safer ones) in your local pharmacy.

If you are determined to keep things natural, it’s better to work on PREVENTATIVE measures.




It’s the same disaster as using vinegar to treat yeast infection – don’t shove things up there you’re not sure about. As for having a tighter vagina, do KEGEL EXERCISES instead. This will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It’s been a long-standing recommendation for women who have given birth.

Yes, it’s more work, but it’s much more effective (and safer).




We can only laugh about this one – and maybe cringe a little. It’s basically advice that has somehow survived from past generations. Long ago, women were also told to shove alligator poop up their vagoos … so … no. You’re better off with condoms. And, there are clinics that give them for free, if you’re worried about privacy or money.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Any other home remedies you think should NOT be included with sex? Share in the comments!


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Have a great day!


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Vinegar and Sex Myths - Be Wary of the Rumors

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