We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

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A few decades ago, sex toys for women were large and bulky and made of plastic or latex, which did more damage than provide pleasure. In most cases, these toys were made by a bunch of men who had no idea how a woman’s anatomy even worked!

Thank goodness things have changed so much! Today, every woman can hold the power in her hands and take it wherever they want to because it comes in the form of various small discreet toys that pack quite a punch!

This is especially true for women in relationships, and even more so for those in long-distance ones. With the right toy by your side, it is now possible to spice things up in the bedroom no matter how far away your partner may be from you.

One such toy is the We-Vibe Chorus, which will be the focus of this article. It is a recent entrant in the sex toy market from We-Vibe that has been making waves in the couples’ toys space.

Here is a look at what it is, how it works, and whether this marvelous little toy is the perfect fit for you.


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What is the We-Vibe Chorus?

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

We-Vibe Chorus is a high-quality couples’ sex toy that has two adjustable vibrators, designed to be used with a partner while making love.

It has a U-shaped shape with two arms, one of which is inserted into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and the other that lies on the clitoris to massage it.

The Chorus is made up of two parts; the remote control and the couple stimulator.

The stimulator’s dimensions are 3.07 inches long, 1.99 inches wide and 1.71 inches high. The total insertable length is 2.5 inches. The remote control, on the other hand, is 1.45 by 3.77 inches. 

The Chorus is made entirely of 100% silicone material that is safe for human use. Silicone is really soft to the skin, silky and non- porous.

The We-Vibe Chorus is also very light, weighing only 69 grams, making it perfect to carry around with you as you go about your day.

It is worn during sex, resting on both the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. The man’s penis will hold it in place, pressing it harder against the G-spot for added pleasure as the vibrations also stimulate him. 

What makes the We-Vibe Chorus so special?

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

There are several features that the We-Vibe Chorus has that make it unique, including:

Touch-sense and touch-sensitive receptors

These are located on the upper part of the toy just below the We-Vibe logo. They allow you to control how the toy feels either manually or with your motions as you have fun.

The latter makes it a hands-free toy that anticipates your needs even before you know what they are.

Easily adjustable

It has two arms that can be easily adjusted to suit any body type or size. You can position the Chorus however you like as you use it.

Squeeze remote

The squeeze remote allows you to control the strength of the vibrations as well as the modes with ease. The harder you squeeze it, the stronger the vibrations become and vice versa.

All you have to do is turn the squeeze control feature on or off before using the remote. This is a unique feature that you will be hard-pressed to find in any other similar toy.


While a lot of similar toys have only one motor, the We-Vibe Chorus comes with two quiet and self-regulating motors.

This means both the stimulating vibrations that you will be receiving on your clitoris and your G-spot will be deep and far-reaching, making your experience intense and satisfying.

10 types of vibrations

The We-Vibe Chorus allows you to enjoy up to 10 vibration modes. This means no matter what you desire, you can be sure to find something that suits you when you use this toy.

What’s in the box?

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

The We-Vibe Chorus is packed in an eye-catching square box with pink and peach accents. Inside the box, you will find the sex toy, its squeeze remote, and a dock that acts as a charging station and as a travel case.

There is also the USB cable for charging, the user manual, and a packet of Pjur lubricant, which is a mixture of water and glycerin.

The toy comes in three different colors; polished dazzling purple, cosmic pink and a matte silicone.

How does the We-Vibe Chorus work?

Here is a closer look at how the We-Vibe Chorus works:

Charging it

The We-Vibe Chorus requires 90 minutes of charging time. From this, you will get about 90 minutes of playtime.

There is also an alert system to inform you whenever the battery is low so you can recharge it.

To charge it, you have to place the Chorus in its discreet carrying holder, where it will automatically start charging just like a smartphone.

There are two connectors in the Chorus that are perfectly placed on its base for charging. Just be sure to connect the USB cable to the case and to a power outlet.

The remote control needs no charging. It uses battery power to function, which you can easily replace when it runs out.

The LED on the case will flash indicating that the Chorus is charging. When the battery is full, the flash will remain steady.

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

Using it

The Chorus has 6 buttons; one on the stimulator and 5 on the remote control. The button on the toy itself will turn it on/off while those on the remote will help you switch between the different vibration modes.

You can also use the We-Vibe Chorus without using the remote control. This is done using the We-Connect app.

To use it, you will first have to install the We-Connect app from Google Play or the App Store. The app will then prompt you to configure the connection of your Chorus to your phone, and also to your partner if you are planning to use it for long-distance play.

The We-Connect app allows you to manage the intensity and to control the vibrations of your Chorus. Your partner can also control the toy from wherever in the world they may be.

Your phone acts as the receiver and the toy connects to it via Bluetooth, so if you are going to enjoy playtime with a long-distance partner, ensure that your smartphone is near you for fast and efficient connection.

The We-Connect app has a host of other features. It allows you to create your own personal vibration patterns.

You can also make your Chorus vibrate to music using the Music mode, or use your finger to control it using Touch mode. We-Connect is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Finally, when it comes to lubricants, you should always use water-based lube with your Chorus. The Chorus is a silicone sex toy, so any other type of lubricant (silicone-based or oil-based) will wear the material down and ruin your toy.

Cleaning it

Cleaning the Chorus is very simple since it is completely waterproof. All you have to do is wash it using warm water and some toy cleaner or a little mild soap. Be sure to let it dry completely before storing it.

How does the We-Vibe Chorus feel?

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

My partner and I have been using the We-Vibe Chorus for quite some time now. The toy is easy to use provided you understand all the features and how to control them.

I particularly love the fact that it is completely hands-free, which allows me to use my hands in other ways during intercourse.

The first time I used it, I found that its grip strength on my vulva was surprisingly good. All we had to do was find a position that worked for us and start doing it!

The Chorus has very strong vibrations. I was able to get some pretty intense orgasms from it. I like how the clitoral arm has its own mortar because I enjoy firm stimulation on my clit.

If you like a little more mild action, there is a setting for that, too.

My partner also really loved the vibrations on his penis while we had sex. It was something new for him, and he was able to climax in minutes. It became our go-to toy for a few weeks just because of this.

Sometimes, I travel to different cities for work. I was happy to find a solution for those lonely nights when I have an itch that needs scratching.

Even better was the fact that my partner could play with me from wherever they were through the We-Connect app. However, I found that the app’s video feature still has some bugs that need to be ironed out, so maybe just stick to Skype or some other video call service. It works perfectly for messages, though.

For distance play, I often use a dildo toy together with the We-Vibe Chorus since the vaginal arm is rather slim for me. This will be different for every woman, though, because everyone is used to different things and penises come in all sorts of girths.

Pros of the We-Vibe Chorus

  • It provides very strong rumbly vibrations
  • It has a larger G-spot bump that makes the sensations even more intense
  • It is completely waterproof
  • Its compatibility with the We-Connect app adds lots of other unique features to it
  • The squeeze remote is a pretty novel innovation that would make anyone want to buy the Chorus just to experience how it works
  • It stays in place really well during sex

Cons of the We-Vibe Chorus

  • It is not a cheap toy
  • The long-distance functionality can be laggy sometimes. Plus, We-Connect’s video function still needs some work

Who is this toy for and why?

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

We-Vibe Chorus is perfect for couples in long-distance relationships.

Long-distance relationships are famously difficult for a lot of reasons. The lack of physical intimacy, loneliness, lack of trust, and lack of communication that comes with it can take a toll on anyone. You need to put in quite a bit of work to make the relationship last.

However, this is also why the relationships that do work end up being stronger than any other type of relationship.

When you work at it, it will mean a lot more to you. Plus, putting in the effort does not even have to be difficult. Something as simple as keeping the spark of your sex lives alive will go a long way in making you feel closer to each other despite the distance.

We-Vibe Chorus is really great for this reason. With the We-Connect app, you can be intimate with your partner no matter how far away they may be from you.

And whenever you do have sex with each other, you can also both enjoy it because it will stimulate both of you at the same time!

If you are a regular couple living together, this toy will also work wonders for your relationship. It is perfect for spicing things up in the bedroom. Here are three ideas on how to use the Chorus:

  • Slip it inside you during sex just before he slides his penis in your vagina. This way, your clitoris, G-spot, and his penis will all get stimulated simultaneously.
  • Have it in your vagina as you go about your daily business. It will stay stable when you wear something tight to help hold it in place. This is great for foreplay, and you’ll love how whisper-quiet yet extremely powerful it can be.
  • You can also use it during oral and anal sex for that extra stimulation.

If you are single and want to show yourself a little love, the We-Vibe Chorus is also perfect for that.

It is the perfect dual -stimulator, and when you throw a dildo into the mix, things just get crazy! If you are a strong independent woman who loves being in control of her pleasure, this is exactly what you need.

We-Vibe Chorus Review: Der beste Freund eines Paares?

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Chorus is a wonderful little toy that has a beautiful design. Its strength and flexibility make it absolutely stand out, which is why I love it so much.

With many wonderful features that will have you falling head over heels for it, it is the answer you have been searching for that will help you spice up your sex life and take things to another level with your partner.

The distance won’t feel so far anymore once you add the Chorus to your collection. This is why I highly recommend it.


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