What’s Different about Transgender Sex Toys? And Why We Need More

What’s Different about Transgender Sex Toys? And Why We Need More

What’s Different about Transgender Sex Toys? And Why We Need More


Despite having an MtF transgender friend who happily shares and educates me on whatever I want to know, I didn’t get to the topic of sex toys until recently.

It actually came about after asking her to test out an e-stim toy … and having surprising results. After further research and exploration, I’ve found that we still have a long way to go in terms of opening this particular market and offering products that will really help some people achieve ultimate pleasure.




The first thing we need to understand is how the body changes through someone’s transition (in regard to the relation to sex toys).

Hormones change the shape of the body – clitorises can become very enlarged, p-spots can shrink, minor surgeries can change the location of the clit (as opposed to a full, more complicated hospital visit to change the genital structure entirely). Nipples can become more sensitive or swollen. Post-op breast reduction or removal can take away sensitivity in some cases.

Post surgeries will leave scar tissue – No matter how good the doctor, or which of the transition methods is used, there will always be a certain amount of scar tissue. This can affect how the nerves react to stimulation. A good example is the e-stim toy my friend tried. The “spasms” were more numbed around areas with scar tissue, so the pleasure sensation was “lopsided”.




Yes, they can, but remember the body AND mind changes. The journey also is different for each individual. Some go through the full change with surgery while others simply stay with hormone therapy for their entire life. Then there are minor physical surgeries that can make superficial changes.

So, if someone is pre-op MtF, they can still find pleasure from anal sex but the p-spot is smaller. So, it’s important to find toys that will meet that need or have stronger vibrations, etc. This is why powerful vibrators like the Hitachi Magic Wand or Domi are good for masturbation sessions etc.

Post-op MtFs need to dilate in order to have enough “room” for sex toys or intercourse (since the tissue in that area doesn’t naturally expand and retract like a vagina). This means that “huge” sex toys aren’t always going to be usable, especially if someone hasn’t dilated for a while.

There is another aspect that some people don’t realize. Moving towards your true gender sometimes means you don’t like parts of your body. Even to touch them makes you feel uncomfortable. For example, an FtM person on hormones will have a larger clit, but they might want the sensation of stroking a penis and not like the feeling of their current body.




Here’s another good example, clit pumps. While they can feel amazing to an enlarged clit, the cups are usually not big enough to accommodate the new clit area for someone on testosterone. Masturbators might give the sensation of stroking but they are not the right shape. The same goes for g-spot toys. Straighter, powerful dildos are better than curved ones.




The Buck Off from Perfect fit was designed by porn star Buck Angel with the specific idea of pre-op FtM body shape in mind. The outside has the general shape of a penis, but the base is bigger and has texture rings to create extra suction. This way, someone can have clitoral stimulation with the motions of penis masturbation.




Even though there are plenty of sex toys that will just “work”, there really aren’t that many specially made for transgender people – and not just their bodies, but their minds, worries, and desires. There needs to be more.

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Do you know any more sex toys that are great for transgender people? Share in the comments (no links please).


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Have a toy-tastic day!



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