Wie können Sie Ihre Fernbeziehung WIRKLICH aufpeppen?

Wie können Sie Ihre Fernbeziehung WIRKLICH aufpeppen?

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If you think that a long distance relationship should mean for your couple boredom and abstinence, well think again because you are entirely wrong.

No matter the distance, the satisfaction you get from your sex life is up to the creativity and dialogue in your relationship.

So if you are looking for practical ways to maintain attraction and pass the time faster while you’re so far from each other, here are 11 ways to spice up your romantic long distance relationship.

I want to emphasize, however, that you should not do something that does not make you feel comfortable. If you haven’t had intercourse together yet, then some of the following ideas may be awkward or even embarrassing.

In this case, you can still spice up your relationship by strengthening the complicity that you have together and moving forward gradually.

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Idea #1: Sexting

Sexting is a simple but effective way to create intimacy together at any time. Begin with some flirting messages, before getting into the heart of the matter.

You can also add a photo to make your intentions even more explicit. There are no limits, so go for it!

Idea #2: Explore your fantasies

Communication is an essential element of every long distance relationship. Your phones talks are the perfect moments to explore your deepest fantasies and desires together, without fear of being judged.

By listening to your partner and suggesting one after another, this will give you new ideas for your reunions, but also to face the distance and make it way more fun.

Idea #3: Send sexy pictures of you

Surprise your partner with a “more or less” evocative photo of you: light outfit, original angle, sexy pose, etc.

Actually, you don’t even need to go very far to trigger your other half: curiosity and imagination take care of it for you.

Wie können Sie Ihre Fernbeziehung WIRKLICH aufpeppen?

Idea #4: Share a sexy video

If you want to bring out the big guns, then a sensual video will be perfect so that your partner will die of desire.

Have confidence in yourself and your power of attraction, and keep a light and glamorous tone for even better results.

Idea #5: Phone fun

What about phone sex?

Hearing sighs of pleasure and moans through the phone is a great way to fuel the other’s imagination and spice up one’s relationship.

Invent a scene, invite your partner and describe all the facts and gestures with passion. Even if you cannot touch the other one directly, you can tell her/him what you would do to her/him…

Idea #6: Have romantic dates on Skype

Nothing is better than to see one’s partner having fun directly.

Start with a traditional date on Skype: dinner, conversation and why not a romantic movie before moving on to serious things. Creating a conducive atmosphere is more than necessary in real life, so why would anyone forget it when you are at a distance?

Idea #7: Write a hot letter

If you or your partner prefer erotic literature, then nothing prevents you from writing a naughty letter or story featuring some of your fantasies and desires.

Send this to the person concerned or read the result to her/him during a virtual meeting.

Idea #8: Discover real LDR sex

Today there are more and more types of LDR sex toys allowing to feel in real time one’s partner as if the distance did not exist.

Coupled with Skype, this is the most stunning way to share more than words. For this, you just need to invest in a pair of Lovense sex toys, receive your package and go! You can’t regret this purchase ever.

Wie können Sie Ihre Fernbeziehung WIRKLICH aufpeppen?

Idea #9: Do a striptease

Whether solo or as a game, striptease will be a perfect idea to sexualize easily and grow your complicity.

One can imagine a game of poker, a “Truth or Dare” game or any other type of game that would give an amusing pretext for undressing.

Idea #10: Give her/him a sexy gift

Here’s a little something that will make your other half know how much you miss her/him. Send her/him a romantic and evocative gift such as chocolate, lingerie or even an adult toy.

If you lack inspiration, I recommend you to check the blog category about the best gift ideas for LDRs.

Idea #11: Meet!

Undoubtedly, the ultimate solution. Freeing all the tensions accumulated for several weeks or even months will promise you a torrid and memorable reunion.

These memories of kisses and hugs will then give you the strength to continue and even more imagination…


After all, the key is to surprise each other in a way that is innocent but sexy.

Keeping that in mind, find what suits you best: maybe you prefer video, pics, text, “action” or voice. The important thing is that you are comfortable with the method to use. After that there is no limit.

In any case, this type of surprise will most certainly help you gain points in your relationship, for an increasingly burning desire.

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