Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY

Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY

Have you ever been getting flirty while texting someone, but you aren’t sure what words to use to describe what you want? Have you ever looked for the perfect emojis to spice up your sext life, or put an end to an awkward conversation? Or, have the combinations of fruit, hand gestures, and squirt emojis make you feel like your sexting is some big joke?

If you’ve been there… flirtyQWERTY is the emoji app you’ve been waiting for!

Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY

flirtyQWERTY came about when the founder was flirting with a guy on her phone and wanted to give him the finger. There wasn’t one, so she looked online for a middle finger emoji… and some sexy emojis to keep their chat going after. The images that she found didn’t feel (to her) empowering to women.

She was looking for emojis that communicated: “I am fun, sexy, and I respect myself. Respect me, too.” But instead found “sexy” options that are basically smiley faces with big blow-up doll lips and colorful cartoons of vaginas and erections.

So she created flirtyQWERTY, with several hundred emojis that have a sophisticated, sensual feel.

Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY

Each emoji has a sexual connotation, and there are also memes to help you get your point across. Plus there’s emojis of women and men (and soon couples) of different races, body types, and sexual orientations, so you can find the emojis to represent your life.

The app is perfect to spice up your text life!

Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY

The company’s mission is to reduce body shaming and sexual violence by normalizing respectful, sensual images. A percentage of profits will go to organizations that either support education for women and girls or to organizations that fight for equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY

You can get the app on the App Store and learn more at the company website.

They want to provide emojis for all situations – so if there are emojis you’d like to use, let them know. Tweet your suggestions to @myflirtyQWERTY and join the community on Instagram, too!

Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY Wir stellen vor: flirtyQWERTY

Note: This post is sponsored by flirtyQWERTY.

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